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Brexit and Road Transport Training

What impact will the Brexit “leave” vote have on Driver CPC?

The answer is none, nothing has changed and Driver CPC is unlikely to change because the UK is a signatory of the: European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR) which contains Driver CPC obligations.

The provisions of AETR are also aligned with current EU legislation on driving times, breaks and rest periods. In 2006, the AETR agreement was amended in order to introduce the use of the digital tachograph, which became mandatory for contracting parties in 2010.

Therefore it is business as usual and we strongly recommend that all your drivers meet the next compliance deadline: September 2018 for Coaches and Bus drivers and September 2019 for Lorry drivers*.

When we leave the EU there may be new regulations and amendments to the current relevant regulations, for some transport drivers, however we will keep you fully updated on these matters.