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TTS Duty to Care

“TTS is committed to the welfare, protection and personal and professional development of all our apprentices. It is our duty to ensure they enjoy, learn and grow throughout their apprenticeship and be supported in gaining and completing their apprenticeship in their chosen career. As their training provider it is our duty to guide and advise them by professional conduct and standards through our policies and procedures that uphold their welfare and development at every stage of their learning process”

TTS Parent Partnership

TTS values and believes in the need for parent partnership working. TTS understands and appreciates your need to be involved in your son/daughter’s apprenticeship and to be informed at all stages of their progress and development. As the training provider of your son/daughter’s apprenticeship we will endeavour at all 

times to keep you informed on all matters relating to your son/daughter’s apprenticeship. Your involvement is essential and at times vital when issues arise that may jeopardise or impact upon the successful completion of the apprenticeship. We acknowledge your concerns and ambitions for your son/daughter to do well and as such we have effective procedures in place that communicates to you their progress. TTS welcomes any involvement of parents and is always on hand to answer any of your queries or concerns. You may contact us in confidence at [email protected] 

Download your copy of the Apprentice Pastoral Care Handbook