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Employer FAQ

What will it cost me?

The only cost you incur as an apprentice employer is the salary you choose to pay - government guidelines dictate the minimum pay rates for apprentices. Growing your own workforce can improve how you work, raise your productivity and increase your profits. Employ a TTS apprentice and you’ll get:

  • Government funding to pay for all the apprentice training at the TTS Centre.
  • Skills you need - we will train your apprentice to industry standards and for the work your company is doing.
  • Flexible people- we teach apprentices how to be good employees not just good technicians.
  • Our support:- our training officer will help you with every part of the apprenticeship, from recruitment through to training and qualification.
  • An enhanced reputation - employing an apprentice demonstrates you are an employer that invests time in young people .

What help do I get?

Our employer handbook provides you with everything your company needs to know when taking on an apprentice.

Your training officer will be on hand throughout the apprenticeship. They’ll support you and help you meet legal requirements and work to best practice with your apprentice.

What about help with recruitment?

We will assist you with recruitment. Our 123 programme of candidate preparation will bring only the best to you for interview. TTS is keen to encourage apprenticeship recruitment from all sectors of the population and is very active in encouraging more young women and people of all ethnicity and minority groups to consider a career in the Retail Motor and Transport Industries.

Careers in the sector are both rewarding and offer long-term prospects at a time when more attention than ever is being given to the qualities of the Transport Industry and how the Air, Land, and Sea sectors react to changes brought about by issues of climate change and technological advances.

Our new 123 Apprentice Preparation