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Apprentice Preparation 123 process

Bringing you only the best candidates for an Apprenticeship. 

I think we all realise that the only real and valued apprenticeship is one where the employer employs the apprentice from day one and has an interest and a stake in the young person's career and progress. 

At TTS we also realise that when employers decide to make a commitment to employ an Apprentice they need to know that the person they are employing is interested in the career, motivated to learn, driven to succeed, will show 

an interest, turn up on time, go the extra mile, and understand how to communicate and show courtesy and care when representing the employer in front of a customer.

This is why TTS has developed its unique 1,2,3 Apprentice preparation service.

Wouldn't it be nice if the apprentice candidate being considered by you for employment, was given advanced awareness training in all of the necessary skills and the right attitude? Wouldn't it also be nice if your newly employed apprentice was given advanced awareness training on how to identify and use some of the basic tools of the trade, identify and fetch the right materials/parts from the parts department.

It's as simple as 1,2,3 and it's FREE

Step 1 - TTS will find the right person, conduct diagnostic tests,

provide them with an understanding of the Transport Industry, an appreciation of what an employer is looking for in an apprentice, help them to understand the right attitude in; being punctual, showing interest, being helpful, communicating clearly, and listening to and acting on instructions. 

Step 2 - TTS will provide the employer with detailed information on the candidates, including diagnostic test results, interview marks, and the candidate's personal statement as to why they want to enter the industry. The employer then has an opportunity to interview, select and employ an apprentice prepared in this way.

Step 3 - After the employer has interviewed, selected and employed an apprentice, and before they enter the workplace, TTS will provide the now employed apprentice with the key basic skills of the trade, including health and safety awareness and we will enroll them on the Apprenticeships NI Programme

Yes, I would like to employ an Apprentice